Alien Project: The case of the mysterious mummies of Nasca

What if we had never been alone ?

The authentic story of a great scam or a major archaeological discovery that can change human history?  It’s up to you to judge.

In October 2016, Thierry Jamin, a French researcher and explorer, is contacted by grave robbers, or huaqueros, from the south coast of Peru. They show to him some strange mummified objects discovered, according to them, in a secret place of the Nasca desert, and tell him an amazing story !

A few days later, convinced of the reality of the facts, Thierry Jamin and his group begin an incredible story. Strange humanoid mummies, with elongated heads and three-fingered hands, will make headlines and upset the world, not so quiet, of Peruvian archeology and ufology for more than two years.

For some of them, this is the « Roswel affair » of modern archeology, while for others, it would only be a simple scam finely set up by dealers of Pre-Columbian treasures or by Thierry Jamin himself !

Alien Project: the Nazca's mummies

Part 1 – Expected output in 2021 – Expected duration: 1h30 – Format: HD

Directed by the direct witnesses of the facts, « The Alien Project, the case of the mysterious Nasca mummies », relates in three movies, the history of this amazing discovery with universal implications. Lovers of Indiana Jones and X-Files series will not be disappointed. Except that, here, the facts are 100% real. The images used were shot while happening by Jungle Doc Productions cameramen and most of them have never been shown before.

Firts opus : The Alien Project, the case of the mysterious mummies of Nasca

Entitled « The Alien Project, the case of mysterious Nasca mummies », the first opus, a ninety minutes film, on an exceptional music by Michel Wiklacz, relates the first meeting between Thierry Jamin and the huaqueros, until the discovery of the first mummified humanoid, 60 cm long, looking like E.T.

The film begins in Cusco, in October 2016, where Thierry Jamin is living, then leads quickly in the Nasca desert, and in Bolivia, in the footsteps of « Mario », the mysterious discoverer of the site. This one will soon reveal to Thierry the existence of small mummified beings discovered in a funeral site, that he wants to keep secret. Found with strange organs and various stone and metal objects, these strange relics do not seem to come from a human civilization.

When, in March 2017 « Mario » reveals to Thierry the perfectly preserved body of a creature, who obviously does not belong to the human species, « the case of the Nasca mummies » suddenly takes another dimension and will soon become a global event.

Currently being edited, this thrilling documentary will be officially presented in France current 2020.

Second opus: The Alien Project, mummies from another world

The second opus, entitled « The Alien Project, the mummies of another world », tells the incredible discovery of new mummified bodies, such as  « Josefina’s », looking like humanoide reptile, 54 cm long, whose abdomen contains three eggs, or « Maria’s », a « hybrid » like being, 1.68 m in height.

About more than 10 different bodies are spread to the light and revealed to the world throughout 2017. Relayed by the famous Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan and the American Web TV Channel, the affair becomes global and subject to violent controversy.

Thierry Jamin (Inkari Cusco Manager) and the Inkari Institute team, are at the heart of this amazing story. One day in April 2017, Thierry and an archaeologist friend, are approached by a strange « man in black » in Cusco …

This second part of the trilogy « The Alien Project », will keep in suspense all lovers of this type of film ! While ninety minutes, on another exceptional music of Michel Wiklacz, it is currently being edited and will be available in 2020.

Third opus: The Alien Project, the final proof

Finally, the third and final opus, entitled « The Alien Project, the final proof », tells the story of the « mysterious Nasca mummies » throughout 2018 and 2019. A time full of wists and turns that won’t let the spectator take any rest ! This is the crucial film, not to be missed, which reveals the results of analyzes carried out in world-renowned laboratories, located in the four corners of the world, on the DNA origin of these beings unknown until now to modern science. Where do they come from ? From an extinct line of species, millions of years ago? Or from an advanced civilization from the stars in the distant past ?

At the initiative of a Peruvian congressman, Armando Villanueva Mercado, the results of these years of research will be officially presented to the world, on November 19th 2018, during a working session at the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

This disturbing film raises real questions and challenges viewers. If it was true ? The story ends (temporarily) with the official delivery of the relics to a Peruvian university, responsible for preserving and studying them. Thierry Jamin and his companions of the Inkari Cusco Institute, will be at the heart of the event …

While ninety minutes, on an exceptional music of Michel Wiklacz, this film will be available, with the first two, current 2020.