Jungle story

How was Jungle Doc Productions born?

Since 1999, Thierry Jamin surveys the Amazon rainforest of southern Peru in the footsteps of the legendary Inca city of Païtiti. Peruvians even speak of Eldorado! After many adventures in the heart of the Inca country, Thierry and his companions, having confirmed the permanent presence of the Incas in the Amazon, may arrive today at the gates of the miraculous city of Païtiti. Years of expeditions in the South American green hell, filmed by outstanding cameramen. Incredible encounters and exceptional discoveries. Hundreds of hours of filming and exclusive testimonials.

Thierry Jamin on an expedition to the Peruvian Amazon

Jungle Doc, from datings…

Thierry understands very early on that knowledge is made to be shared. In 2003, he meets Alain Bonnet, director of the Prodiris communication agency based in Muret near Toulouse.

Thus begins an intense collaboration which will lead notably to the creation of Thierry Jamin’s websites (The researchers of Gran Paititi, Los petroglifos de Pusharo, Machu Picchu andAlien Project).

Alain Bonnet, Prodiris manager, during an expedition to Pusharo in 2006

… to audiovisual production

The idea of ​​Jungle Doc Productions was born in 2009 at the request of aficionados of Thierry’s researches and passionate about human adventures, distant horizons, travels … but also fans of the famous TV series, always broadcast, ” The Mysterious Cities of Gold! “.

For this purpose was created by Thierry Jamin and Alain Bonnet the documentary production company Jungle Doc Productions, whose first project is to produce a series retracing these years of research and exploration.

Audiovisual production of documentaries